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New in DotNetInvoice 2.6

.NET Developer API

Use native, object-oriented .NET Code to create, read, update and delete data including invoices, recurring invoices, clients, and payments.

New in DotNetInvoice 2.6

Fully Supports VAT, GST, Canadian and Other WorldWide Tax Structures

Fully configurable tax setup with multiple tiers and configurable amounts - it supports tax structures for literally thousands of countries, states, and provinces.

New in DotNetInvoice 2.6

New Recurring Billing and Invoicing Interfaces

Recurring invoice creation has been improved 100%, as has recurring billing. Now you can elect to give clients the option to automatically bill a recurring invoice to their credit card, or to pay each invoice individually.

New in DotNetInvoice 2.6

Optional Credit Card Service Charge

Configure an optional percentage service charge if your client chooses to pay with a credit card.

New in DotNetInvoice 2.6

Use One of Six Credit Card Gateways

DotNetInvoice now supports six credit card gateways out of the box: PayPal Website Payments Pro, Authorize.NET, PayFlow, St. George, AccessPoint and BluePay. Sample code is also available for LinkPoint.

Using a gateway we don't support?
For a limited time we will write the code to connect to almost any payment gateway for only $199. Email support@dotnetinvoice.com for more information.

New in DotNetInvoice 2.6

Fully Tested on the Latest Microsoft Platforms

New Operating System? No problem! DotNetInvoice has been fully tested on the latest platforms including Windows Server 2008, Vista 32-bit and 64-bit, IIS 7, and SQL Server 2008.

Always Available in VB.NET and C#!

By far our most requested feature — DotNetInvoice is available in both C# and VB.NET!

Accept Partial Payments

Now your clients can make partial payments - this is great if they don't have the funds to pay in full. This feature can be turned on or off in the configuration area.

Attach Invoices as PDFs

Long considered a premium feature by other invoicing services, you can now attach PDF versions of invoices to any outgoing email.

Fully Compatible with .NET 3.5

DotNetInvoice is compatible with .NET 3.5 out of the box!

Seamlessly Import Clients, Invoices and Recurring invoices

DotNetInvoice accepts a simple file format for importing existing clients, invoices and recurring invoices.

Bulk Printing of Invoices

Print multiple invoices based on any search criteria.

Globalization - Supports Currencies for Nine Countries

Choose your country and DotNetInvoice instantly displays dates and currencies according to your local culture. Out of the box, DotNetInvoice supports the following countries and currencies: Australia (AUD), Canada (CAD), China (CNY), Great Britain (GBP), India (INR), Ireland (EUR), Japan (JPY), New Zealand (NZD), USA (USD). Currencies can be easily added by any .NET developer.

Invoicing in Nine Currencies - Globalization

View and Save Invoices as PDFs

View and save your invoices as PDFs.

PDF Invoices
Save Invoices as PDFs

Single Sign-on with Existing ASP.NET Applications

DotNetInvoice uses standard ASP.NET Membership and Roles tables, so single sign-on with existing ASP.NET web applications is a snap. DotNetInvoice supports multiple administrators and two security roles.

Monthly and Yearly Recurrences

Generate invoices automatically in every conceivable timeframe (days, months, years).

One Step Invoicing

Easily generate and submit electronic invoices to your customers. Access "stored" invoice items to quickly add common items to invoices.

Create Invoices
Generate Invoices

Accept Payments Online

Offer your customers a way to pay their bills and invoices online. Process real-time payments through Authorize Net, PayPal and Paypal Website Payments Pro.

Accept Online Payments
Accept Online Payments

Source Code Included

When you buy DotNetInvoice, you receive all of the source code. Our programming structure is amazingly simple so you can modify this invoicing software with ease.

Recurring Billing

Don't pay Authorize.NET $10/month for recurring billing, use DotNetInvoice to setup invoices that are charged automatically every month.

Automated Reminders

Set up reminders for past due invoices. Select the number of days late and enter your own email subject and message. The rest is handled automatically!

Automated Invoice Reminders
Automated Invoice Reminders

Hands-free Invoicing

Create invoices that will be generated automatically. Set the number of days, months, or years in the cycle and DotNetInvoice will generate the invoice and notify your customer by email.

Powerful Technology

DotNetInvoice is built in ASP.NET 3.5 with MS SQL Server 2008 database technology. When you buy DotNetInvoice, you get full access to all source code

Multiple Payment Options

Allow your customers to pay by credit card (through Authorize.Net or PayPal Website Payments Pro), Standard PayPal, check, or cash.


Take a glimpse at your administrator dashboard and you'll easily see any past due invoices, your totals for the day, week, month, and year, and more!

Invoice Administrator Dashboard
Administrator Dashboard

Graphical Reports

Reporting in DotNetInvoice is a breeze. Quickly get a summary of your entire accounting scenario with real time graphical reports!

Graphical Invoice Reports
Graphical Reports